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Them Online Words

“What You Mistook as Ultimatum” Finalist in the 14th Annual Poetry Contest Narrative Magazine

“Climate Change” Francis House

“Small Town Mythology” West Trade Review

“A Boy Ago Visits His Shadow”, “Through the Window Slips the Light of a Lung-Colored Moon” Crazyhorse

“Interiority Complex or Daydreams of Possible Aftermaths” Typishly

“Flight”, “Disjointed Continuity at Precisely 4:44AM on a Sunday During the Upheaval of Summer in New York”, “Ceramic Silhouette”, “Sensible”, “Fragile Embers”  Columbia Journal

“MY THROAT SLIPS OFF THE PILLOW WHEN I SAY WE NEEDFearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal

“Yesterday’s News” OF ZOOS

“A Flower Bed Graveyard”  Deep South Magazine

We danced 
              the muddy swamp blues till our eyes 
              glared like gator jewels, then raced 
barefoot back down the black tar highway 
that coiled slowly around 
                                                       the scorned backside of our town.

-Small Town Mythology


Them Tactile Words

“Long Distance” Denver Quarterly

“A Storm Approaching, with Fear Disguised as Confession” Best New Poets 2018

“Some Things This Poem Addresses”, “Vicious”  TSR: The Southampton Review

“Magnolia Carving of an Indian Head”, “Latent Spaces”, “Whack-a-mole Catfish”  Salt Journal


Poem Crowns

2022 Finalist for the Narrative’s 14th Annual Poetry Contest for poem “What You Mistook as Ultimatum”

2021 Finalist for Princemere Poetry Prize for poem “Small Town Mythology”

“A Boy Ago Visits His Shadow” named Best of 2020-2021 Favorite Poems Published Online by Entropy Magazine

2014 Joseph Kelly Prize for Creative Writing from Stony Brook University


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