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Them Online Words

“A Boy Ago Visits His Shadow” Crazyhorse

“Interiority Complex or Daydreams of Possible Aftermaths” Typishly

“Flight”, “Disjointed Continuity at Precisely 4:44AM on a Sunday During the Upheaval of Summer in New York”, “Ceramic Silhouette”, “Sensible”, “Fragile Embers”  Columbia Journal

“Yesterday’s News”  OF ZOOS

“A Flower Bed Graveyard”  Deep South Magazine

Them Tactile Words

“A Storm Approaching, with Fear Disguised as Confession” Best New Poets 2018

“Some Things This Poem Addresses”, “Vicious”  TSR: The Southampton Review

“Magnolia Carving of an Indian Head”, “Latent Spaces”, “Whack-a-mole Catfish”  Salt Journal


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