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Here is your chance.

Now that you’ve sized me up, shoot your shot, let’s talk shop, get a chain going again. For old time’s sake.

Email me about your obsessions with metaphor, couplets, disgrace, sacred spaces, the word “lollingly”, glossolalia, good cabernets, edamame, short skateboard careers, illuminating interior landscapes through juxtaposition, the degeneration of poetic theory, the meaning of John Ashbery poems and his queerness, anything by Lucie Brock-Broido for that matter, the mythical prowess of C. D. Wright, shadows vs. limpidity, solitude vs. isolation, to meet up for long coffee walks, book talks, readings, rooftop hangs, museum cruising, and how’d your day go, how do you feel, no, really, tell me all about your day, and what you wish you could’ve done differently.